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       A letter has arrived at your door, window — wherever you generally receive letters — stating that you have been accepted to Academia Mare, a prestigious academy . Oddly enough, despite research you may have made, there’s not much — or any — information on it besides very small mentions from, maybe, newspaper clippings or something of the sort. For how prestigious it is, it’s rather strange no one seems to say much about it. Still, all the same, you feel like this is your chance to get away from your home; to find yourself in even the most mysterious of places. You take up the offer to attend AM. Little did you know that this was going to be one of the biggest journeys of your life.
       Academia Mare has been around since the 1800’s, though many were never aware of it’s existence. Why? Well, because SA is a rip in the fabric of time and space. People from across every universe have attended class in this academy, leading to the reason for why there was such an appalling lack of information on it. Now, it is your turn.
       In this academy, you will meet people you would have never met had you stayed home. You would never form the relationships you were about to make. You would never see the universe as it really was: an immense place full of diverse characters. With these characters by your side, you will attend class, go to school dances, form good or bad relationships, attend clubs, and enjoy yourself. Relax…           And welcome to Academia Mare.
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Academia Mare is a multifandom and OC-friendly roleplay. The purpose is for characters to learn and socialize in a peaceful environment, but with, of course, the added high school drama you would usually expect. If you’re having a stressful day, let AM take some things off of your mind. This was made with that in mind, which is why socializing with the others you roleplay with is also a big part of this. We’re just starting, so if you’re interested, join us and spread the word! We would love to have you here.


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This is Levi’s real height in the Anime, for those on my Dashboard who are wondering about it. His horse is the black one.

Now we know why he’s not scared of the titans. JUST LOOK AT HIS HORSE IT’S A BEAST COMPARED TO HIM.

im sorry but

is he standing on his toes

when you're gonethe words i need to hearto always get me through the dayand make it okayi  m i s s  y o u 
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